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The Snow Carnival is a spectacular stage show complete with live music, fireworks, a kimono showcase and performances from local school children. All of this unfolds upon the festival’s most impressive snow sculpture: an enormous stage artistically crafted for this magical evening.

2017 Stage Theme: Tokamachi's Castle Under the Sea!! A New Legend Begins Here!
(Artists Impression)


This year's stage design is a magnificent construction of the fabled castle under the sea decorated with Tokamachi City's flame-style pottery - a Japanese national treasure and symbol of Snow Country culture.
It will surely be the perfect setting for a magical and unforgettable evening.


Date and Location

  • Date: 18th February(Sat)17:00~18:30
  • Venue: Jougaoka Pure Land (Tokamachi Elementary School Grounds)

Performing Artists

※ This list may change in the event that an artist becomes unable to perform at the carnival.
※ Please understand that we are unable to refund passports in the event that an artist is unable to perform at the carnival.
※ Please understand that in the interests of health and safety we may limit the number of people entering the spectators area.
※ Snow Carnival stage viewing will be limited to area behind the stage of Sunday 19th because of the ticketed Gousetsu JAM event which will take place there.

Tomomi Kahara 1995: Debuted with her single "Keep Yourself Alive” and soon followed with hits such as “I Believe” and “I’m Proud”. Aside from singing, Kahara has made numerous appearances in television dramas, variety shows and commercials. In April 2013, she released “Yumeyaburete - I Dreamed a Dream”, her first single in 7 years. Then in 2015, she released her first original single for 9 years, marking the 20th year since her debut. Since 2016 she has continued to charm so many with her refined voice, as she enters a new stage in her career.
DA PUMP 1997: Debuted with “Feelin’ Good -It’s PARADISE-“ and continued to release hit after hit including “[Gokigendaze!!]“, and “if…”. Celebrating their 20th anniversary since their debut next year, DA PUMP performed a series of live shows titled “LIVE DA PUMP 2016-2017 RED”. They are expecting to extend this tour into 2017 too.  
Tomotaka Okamoto A world acclaimed male soprano singer born in Sukomo City, Kochi Prefecture. With an impressive repertoire that spans religious songs, opera, classical, crossover, musicals, film scores, Japanese folk songs and pop hits, Okamoto also conducted the opening theme of CX’s figure skating program which has run since 2006. He released his latest album “Harunanoni Omohiuta” in October last year.
Sarah Àlainn Sarah Àlainn, originally from Sydney, began studying the violin from the age of 5 and grew up winning several domestic competitions. She made her major musical debut in Japan while studying at the University of Tokyo. Her voice is said to be therapeutically beneficial, by way of it containing”1/f fluctuations”. She has since recorded music for David Foster’s ”We Love Disney” album, a duet with Andrea Bocelli, advertising jingles and the parasports theme song in Japan. She has also sung live at figure skating events, and has written and recorded the theme song to JAL’s TV program ”Premium Sky”. Aside from music, she currently hosts an English-language teaching show "Kiso Eigo for Adult Learners" on NHK TV, and has also appeared as a radio personality on her own show on FM Tokyo and FM Osaka.

※Current Members
The members who will appear at the 
Tokamachi Snow Festival are currently 
being decided. Once they have been 
announced we will update this website.


NGT48 was formed in Niigata Prefecture in 2015 as the fifth sister group of AKB48.
Their name was taken from the letters "N", "G" and "T" of "Niigata",
The group is formed from 26 members including their captain, Rie Kitahara and Yuki Kashiwagi, who is also a member of AKB48.
2016 10th January: A special arena was opened inside the LoveLa2 shopping mall in Niigata City’s Bandai district. The group’s “Team NIII” was formed at the same time, and they regularly hold performances with its members and trainee members.
6Last June, they announced that they had chosen their first single which they are set to release sometime in the future.

Ijiri Okada (MC)

Birth Name: Noboru Okada
DOB: 23rd September 1964 (52 years of old)
Hometown: Saitama Prefecture
Recent Activities:
TV・NTV「Monomane Grand Prix」
   ・TVO「P-1 Pachitomo Club」
   ・JCN Saitama「Ijiri Okada no Machi”Ijiri"」
Radio・Nippon Housou
   「Ohtani Nobuhiko Kikimasu!」
   (Mokuyou Reporter)
Event・AKB Akushukai Event MC
    ・AKB Janken Taikai
     2014・2015・2016 Referee
    ・SUMMER SONIC Comedy Stage MC
Other ・U-NEXT
    「Doruneku Kankou Ijiri Okada」
Books ・「Ijiri Okada no Nippon no Aidoru」

Tanpopo (MC)

2008was the year they formed. Tampopo appear on many television programmes including "Mecha x2 Iketeru!", "Hirunandesu" and "Sekkai no Hate Made Itte Q".

Kumiko Shiratori(Left)
DOB: 11th December 1981
Hobbies: Sylvanian Families and drinking
Special Skills: Poetry

Emiko Kawamura (right)
DOB: December 17th 1979
Hobbies: Nightscape appreciation, drawing/painting and collecting kokeshi dolls
Special Skills: 3rd grade in nightscape appreciation and connoisseur of the kakeshi doll.

※ Please understand that in the interests of health and safety we may limit the number of people entering the spectators area.
※ There may be unannounced changes to the performer list.


● The general spectator zone will be accessible from 10am. All other spectator zones will be accessible from 4pm.
● In the interests of safety, we may limit the number of people entering the arena.
● The temperature in the evening will be very cold so please come to the carnival appropriately dressed in warm clothing, boots, and gloves.
● The road leading to the carnival arena is uphill and can be steep at times. Please leave sufficient time to reach the arena.
● Please be aware there is no seating inside the arena.
● Children of elementary school age and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
● On the day of the carnival special traffic regulations will be in place. It will not be possible to reach the carnival arena by car.
● The stage will only be accessible for public viewing from the evening on the day before the carnival.
● Please turn off mobile phones during the performance.
● The use of umbrellas and any other item which may affect the experience of other spectators during the festival performance is prohibited.
● Every year the toilets inside the festival arena are extremely crowded. Please make use of the toilets at the Ippuku Hiroba (shimin taiikukan) before walking up to the carnival arena.
● Please follow the instructions of festival wardens inside the carnival arena.
● There is the chance that the arena layout may change depending on the snowfall and weather conditions.

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Viewing the Stage on Friday 17th


The Snow Carnival stage will be accessible for viewing from 18:00 on Friday 17th February. Click here (Japanese).


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Past Snow Carnival Stages

Here are images of our snow carnival stages at the Tokamachi Snow Festival in past.

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