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Regarding Refunds for the Tokamachi Snow Festival Passport

2019/02/06 Announcements, New Information by jimukyoku

In light of the Snow Carnival's cancellation、we will be offering full refunds of the Tokamachi Snow Festival Passport (hereafter known as the "passport")。
for those who would like one.、Please use one of the following methods to receive your refund.。

[Passport Refund Claim Deadline]

Must be postmarked by )February 14, 2019 (if sent by mail)

[How to Receive Your Passport Refund]
Please bring your passport in personally to the Tokamachi Snow Festival Committee. You can also mail it in. 。
※ However,、if you purchased your passport at a JR East Railway window (View Plaza or Midori no Madoguchi)、please return your passport voucherto the window you purchased at.。We cannot refund these type of vouchers at the Tokamachi Snow Festival Committee offices.

1、 In Person at the Tokamachi Snow Festival Office
Passport original or voucher was purchased and in exchange (passport voucher)、we will give you a full cash refund。

2、By Mail
Please include the information asked below 、and send the passport or passport voucher by simple registered mail to the office. 。
※ It does not matter which mail carrier you use.。

<Refund application form>
Downloadclick here.

※ Please include the following in your parcel back to us。
○ Name
○ Postcode
○ Address
○ Phone Number
○ Passport Purchase Price
○ Remittance Information[Bank name, branch name, account type, account number, account holder name (furigana)]

<Refund Method>
In general、we will refund via bank transfer.。
Along with the passport purchase price、we will also refund the price of postage for simple registered mail (calculated at standard mail costing 82yen [pieces weighing within 25g] + registered mail price of 310yen = 392yen)。
The bank transfer、will occur on or after March 1st, 2019 (Friday) 。We ask for your understanding.。

[Passport Refund Address Information]
Niigataken, Tokamachishi, Asahicho 251-17
Tokamachi Tourist Information Center
Tokamachi Snow Festival Executive Committee / Passport Division

• If the postcard from Special Offer 1 (the lottery) has been detached the passport is ineligible for the refund. 。
- If you already applied for Special Offer 4 (the commemorative photograph), the passport IS eligible for the refund. 。
- Regardless of how you mail in your passport, the refund for postage will be a flat 392yen.。Please send via simple registered mail、in order to avoid any discrepancies and ensure that we receive the passport safely.。


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