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Regarding the Snow Carnival Cancellation

2019/02/06 Announcements, New Information by jimukyoku

On Monday, February 4th, 2019、a serious accident occurred at the site of the Snow Carnival stage、involving the death of one worker、and another worker who sustained minor injuries。
First、from the bottom of our hearts, we offer our deepest prayers to the man who passed away 。Additionally、we pray for the man who was injured、to have a speedy recovery。
Due to the circumstances surrounding this tragic accdent、the Tokamachi Snow Festival Executive Committee、has decided to cancel this year's Snow Carnival。However、all other programs and events outside of the Snow Carnival、will still be held as planned.。
The accident occurred as a result of、the stage becoming unstable, due to、Additionally、recent weather conditions, making the stage especially susceptible to collapse.、The site has been deemed a safety hazard.。
We do not foresee any further accidents happening、and the Tokamachi Snow Festival Executive Committee will be focusing all of its energy on the ongoing preparations for the festival、We thank you for your understanding.。

February 6, 2019
Tokamachi Snow Festival Executive Committee


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