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Snow Artworks

Snow Sculptures

Artworks of snow of civil handmade to be completed on Friday evening、They tend to be completed the Friday night of the festival.。
Kimono is a huge work with high artistry and powerful that has been cultivated in the city、Giving you a big impression on the viewer。

Work is scattered around the city、It works that elaborate will be produced in each region。
70th art works of snow art department 26 points、Special Branch 16:00、A total of 60 points of the school department 18 points will be expanded。

* Snow art exhibition work list ( "Art department", "special department", "school children Division")

The art work list of snowclick here. 

Snow Sculptures at the 67th Tokamachi Snow FestivalYou can see from。
※ art department ⑭ · ⑱ will be discontinued production。

* Works of art of snow location

Tokamachi region map(PDF/Japanese)(You can check the location of the work away from the city center)
Tokamachi downtown area map(PDF/Japanese) (for sculptures inside the city near the station)

* 70th of winners

The 22 prize winning snow sculptures from last year's festival can be foundclick here.


<Works of art of the 70th snow>

Niigata Prefecture Governor Award Tokamachi Mayor's Prize

9. Story of the Valley of the Kings two thousand years of dream-style ~

 28. Can SUN

Production organizations:Out-door family 4 Club
Production location:スノーランド新座4
Production organizations:Yuki Mizusawa Festival Association
Production location:Mizusawa Yuki Matsuri Hiroba


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