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Snow Carnival

※ To read information on the cancellation of the 2019 Snow Carnival →click here.
※ Because of the SnowCarnival cancellation、a new program has been decided →click here.

70th Tokamachi Snow Festival
Information about the snow carnival

Live music, a beautiful kimono show, and other acts all performing atop a huge stage made entirely of snow、
all will be unfolded from a wondrous world of sound and light. 。
And among all this, the spectacular finale is highlighted by、an array of vividly colorful snowtop fireworks. 。

70th Stage Theme:A Culture Surrounded in Snow ・Art ・a Town of Rich History

A castle created in the city from times of old. 。
This castle, along with、a snow sculpture of Niigata prefecture's first officially-designated national treasure, "flame-style pottery," 、
will represent the maximum appeal of the huge, powerful snow stage. 。

* 70th Snow Carnival Promotional Video *


Date and Location

  • Date and time:2February 16th(Sat)17:00~18:30
  • Location:Shirogaoka Pure Land Special Venue

Performing Artists

※ Performers are subject to change without notice. 。
※ We cannot refund Passports due to performance changes. 、We ask for your understanding. 。
※ In order to ensure safety for the venue、there are certain areas where access is prohibited.、We ask for your understanding. 。



Only members selected for the Tokamachi Snow Festival Snow Carnival will be appearing. 。
※ Selected members will be announced soon. 。


Produced by Yasushi Akimoto, this AKB48 sister group、2015is split into five divisions and comprised of members all born in Niigata prefecture. 。Their name, NGT48, comes from the English letters representing Niigata, or N(ii)G(a)T(a).。
2016On January 10, 2016, 、a theater dedicated to the group was opened in the Bandai district called "LoveLa2"," and 、Team NIII、along with trainees, began their performances. 。
1Their first single release for "Seishun Dokei" (or "Clock of Youth") on April 12, 2017 marked their major debut、and it reached #1 on the Japanese Oricon Weekly Chart. 。
2018 marked the release of their 4th single "Sekai no Hito e" (or "To The People of the World").。This will be their third consecutive appearance in the Tokamachi Snow Festival. 。

Tomotaka Okamoto

Born in Sukumo, Kochi prefecture, 。 Okamoto is known as a sopranista (male soprano),。 considered one of the rarest natural qualities to have as a male singer. 。
His repertoire includes、religious music、Opera、Classical Crossover、musical、movie soundtracks、Japanese music、pop music and other varieties、2006In 2006 he oversaw the CX figure skating opening music with his song "Bolero."。
2016His latest album, from October 2016, is titled "Haru na no ni ~ Omohiuta" (Even though it's spring ~ Thoughtful Songs)、 is titled "Haru na no ni ~ Omohiuta" (Even though it's spring ~ Thoughtful Songs)( (Even though it's spring ~ Thoughtful Songs)).。


Hoshikuzu Scat (Stardust Scat)

Hoshikuzu Scat、is a three piece unit、comprised of members Mitz Mangrove, Gallantique Kazue, and Meili Mu、2005formed in 2005。
While beginning with a focus on the famed Shinjuku Nichome area, 、they began holding events and concerts throughout the country, 、leading to nationwide popularity.。
With a wide range of music surpassing genres and time periods, 、each of their voices contributed to a polished harmony and their enchanting unique world views、which has attracted further attention。
Occasionally appearing on TV show "The Covers"(NHK BS Premium)to discuss varied music topics 、
2017they began making regular appearances on the show in April 2017. 。 Their latest album, "Keshoushitsu" (or Powder Room), was released April 25, 2018. 。



Enka Girls Lupinus Group

2015Formed in February 2015 as a "techno enka unit".。
2016In February year held a one-man live at Shibuya CLUB Asia as 1 anniversary、It attracted 600 people in spite of the weekday、Was the venue packed。
Participation in overseas events in Asia than the same year、1Appeared in performances in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia and China in the year。
Indonesia among them won great popularity、It played a major debut in Indonesia in September of the same year。
There are followers had produced the lupine group in Indonesia is more than 400 million people in the national singer that KevinAprilion。
また JKT48(Jakarta 48)Both the contest、Current lupine set of facebook followers are staggering 15 million people。
2018On February 14、Major debut from Nippon Columbia in the debut song "Koshihikari Ondo"。Song music video was shot in Tokamachi。





1992He studied a year KameFuchi Yuka music activities start
While the activities in the gospel group "KameFuchi Yuka & The Voices of Japan" short "VOJA"、As "Los Boulder Strip" of the sixth generation female vocalist、About 3 years to participate。Formed a female vocal group "JOY" of seven people from VOJA。Debut from Victor。2004year、Begin its activities as a solo singer。Actively performed live at the live activities and school and facilities throughout the country。Taking advantage of the gospel of experience "voice power" looking forward to the sound in the body in、It has continued to cherish the activities of the time everyone becomes one through music。
2018From July Teichiku record "It's Only AOR" was released


Ijiri Okada (MC)

Real name:Noboru Okada
Birthdate:September 23. 1964, (54 years old)
Home Area:Saitama

Recent Activities:
・NTV「Monomane Grand Prix」
・TVO「P‐1 Pachitomo Kurabu」
・JCN Saitama「Ijiri Okada no Machi Ijiri」

・Nippon Housou「Ootani Nobuhiko Kikimasu!」 (Thursday Reporter)

・AKB Handshake Event MC
· AKB Janken Tournament 2014 / 2015/ 2016 Referee


Miki Sato [stage MC]

Birthdate:1993, June 26
Home Area:Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture

Recent Activities:
· J.LEAGUE Walker ~ best holiday at the stadium -
Nice catch of catchy-kun!
· 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia tournament
Sports lottery "toto" Hen、"BIG" chapter
- Dr. Ci: Labo vitamin C lotion VC100 et
Tsu sense lotion
- ACOM "man throw-hen that challenge."




The Touch

【Tokamachi Snow Festival Supporters】

Takuya(Older Brother) 
Born November 10, 1982 at 10:54am
Height 151cm、Weight 73kg
From Tochigi Prefecture
Specialties:Playing games Blood type:A

Kazuya(Younger brother)
Born November 10, 1982 at 3:12pm
Height 151cm、Weight 73kg
From Tochigi Prefecture
Specialties:Playing games Blood type:A


● general zone 10:00Until、Invitation Zone passport preferential treatment zone 16:00You can not admission to。
● ensure the safety of the venue、There is the case of the restricted admission。
● night is chill。Please come in warm clothing, such as boots and thick winter clothes。
● road to the venue、It has become a steep hill。Please come with time to spare。
● it will be all venues standing。
● elementary school following the children must be accompanied by a guardian。
● On the day near the venue will take that road access is limited。It is not possible to become come to the venue by car。
● for the stage production、Except officials not be admitted until evening the day before。
● Please turn off your mobile phone during the raising of the curtain。
● use of the umbrella in the carnival held and、Bringing is prohibited, such as polystyrene foam for the feet warm。
● toilet in the vicinity of the venue is crowded every year。Ippuku Square (citizen gymnasium) Please admission make the use of such。
● Please follow the clerk's instructions in the venue。
● by the snowfall, etc.、There are cases where the venue layout are subject to change。

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Snow Carnival Stage Access Before the Carnival (Fri)


Giant snow sculpture stage which is the stage of the snow carnival、15 days of the day before the snow carnival will be held (gold) 18:00Publish from。Details foundclick here.Please refer to the。


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Past Snow Carnival Stages

Introducing the former carnival stage of Tokamachi Snow Festival。

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