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Snow Festival Passport

Advance Purchase (※ 2018 December 10(Except for the nationwide convenience store terminal)Until February 14 - 2019 years) 2,500yen(including tax)
Day-of Purchase (※ 2019 February 15 to 17 days) 3,000yen(including tax)

Tokamachi Snow Festival、Sound and light, including the spectacular "snow carnival" of、"Snow Art Exhibition"、We full of colorful charm, such as "Festival Plaza"。
As you can enjoy to your heart's content the snow festival、We prepared the "Tokamachi Snow Festival passport"。
Please come by all means in Tokamachi Snow Festival a passport in hand。

Passport、In addition to snow carnival appreciation, tour bus utilization becomes deals、Such as hospitality services will be received at the tourist facilities, such as the city spa。

※ different valid period by each Benefits。
※ we do not do refunds of passport。Also、It can not be reissued if you lose your passport、Please note。 

8 Special Bonuses

 Bonus 1 【Passport Lottery】
Inside the passport is a detachable postcard page which you can submit to be entered into a drawing to win one of the following prizes:
 ・A、Hotel Belnatio Voucher (1 night with two meals) ... pair two sets of 4 people
 ・B、Tokamachi sake 4 Gobin ... 6 persons
・C、キリンビール 大瓶6本・・・5名様
・D、Uonuma Koshihikari 1kg ··· 5 persons
Tokamachi buckwheat Noodles 5 bunch ... 10 people
Neige stuffed ... 5 persons

Bonus 2 【Stamp Rally】

The number there is a work of art of snow (※ art department only) and a picture book of Neige to those who collected five or more stamps around the shopping district、10 or more collected Get the tote bag for those。

Bonus 3 【Snow Carnival: Entry into the Passport Holders Zone】

2You can admission to the snow carnival of passport preferential treatment zone of the month 16 days (Sat)。
※ guardian of the child who owns the passport (elementary school or less) will be admitted without a passport。

 ● Benefits 4Advance Purchase Only【Chance to Take a Photograph with Snow Carnival Performers】
When the pre-application using the application ticket in the passport、You can commemorative photo with the snow carnival performer in lottery。

Except、2Month 16 days on snow to the carnival venue (Sat)、Those who can come to the specified time is the subject。
※ shooting hope of a particular performer I am afraid that I can not accept。
For more details, click → here (Japanese)

 ● [art exhibition snow sculpture tour discount service of snow] benefits 5
2Snow Sculpture tour fee of the month 15 (Friday) - 16 (Saturday) will be half price。

Snow Sculpture Tour:2May 15 (gold) 18:45~21:20 Normal Rates:3,000yen
入賞作品ツアー:2May 16 (earth) 13:15~16:10Normal Rates:3,000yen
※ Reservations are required。Please apply to up to 2 days prior to your participation。When it becomes capacity is、It may not be accepted。
«Application - Contact: 共立観光株式会社 TEL:025-752-4128≫ 

 ● Benefits 6 [city tour bus-Square Tour bus ride unlimited]
Will be unlimited travel is convenient tour bus in the work of art tours, festivals Square Tour of snow。
※ Since the tour bus does not go to the snow carnival venue、Please be careful。

 ● Benefits 7 [city Ski 1 day lift ticket discount]
The passport comes with discounts to ski lifts at slopes across the Tokamachi region.
In the following ski resorts is available。
・Joetsu Kokusai Ski Resort Atema  ・Nakasato Kiyotsu Ski Resort
・Matsudai Family Ski Resort  ・Matsunoyama Onsen Ski Resort

 ● Benefits 8 [hospitality services]
Passport holders have access to a number of discounts and special offers at stores and onsen facilities in and around town.

I will be happy to provide you with。
List of participating establishments (PDF) here (Japanese)

Where Can I Buy a Passport?

  • Nationwide convenience store terminal (Seven - Eleven、Lawson、Family Mart、MINISTOP)、"Byupuraza," "Green Window" of JR East Japan tube
    ※ There is a station that can not be handling part in the "Green Window"。
    In the ※ above each store、We are dealing with voucher。Snow Festival Secretariat (Tokamachi City General tourist office) or February 16 (Sat) 9:00~17:00It is required on delivery of the passport actual tickets at the snow festival information center to be installed in Tokamachi Station neighborhood other city in。
    ※ In the nationwide convenience store terminal is scheduled for launch on December 25, 2018。
    ※ time from the convenience store terminal of Shop、It is convenient to input to the automatic ticketing machine the item number of the following。
    Advance tickets ... "0250457" (2018 December 25 to February 14, 2009)
    On the day tickets ... "0250458" (2019 February 15 to February 17, 2006)
  • Vendors located in Tokamachi City
    Snow Festival Secretariat (Tokamachi City General tourist information center) / each branch Regional Development Division (Kawanishi, Nakazato, Matsushiro-Matsunoyama) / Central Community Center / each public hall (Nakajo, Kawaji Yoshida, Shimojo, Mizusawa, Kawanishi, Tondo, Matsushiro-Matsunoyama) / City Hall underground shop / Kurosuten / Kinare / Kyoritsu Tourism Co., Ltd. / stationery Museum Takizawa / thousand years of hot water / Seven - Eleven each store / Lawson each store / Family Mart Merci Kawaji shops / FamilyMart Merci Nakajo shop / ion Tokamachi shop / Matsudai - Matsunoyama hot spring tourist office
  • Vendors Outside of Tokamachi City
    Yuzawa Onsen General Information Center (Yuzawa-machi) / Niigata Prefecture Tokyo Tourist Center (Omotesando, Niigata Hall Nesupasu the second floor) / wide area Tourist Information Center (Yuzawa-machi) even these can be purchased。

    Sales period 2018 December 10 (Monday) - 2019 February 17 (Sunday) 16:00Until
    ※ In the nationwide convenience store terminal is scheduled for launch on December 25, 2018。

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