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The festival hiroba

In such settlements of the city and mountains、
"Festival Plaza" will be the opening of all 26 locations。
Eat settle for! Playing settle for! Where the fun-filled! !

Ya rustic hospitality of snow country Tokamachi unique、local cuisine、a snowtop tea ceremony, 、
You can enjoy such a huge snow slide。


When you click the Plaza name Square schedule of the activity are now available。

 《Icon Key》

※ The contents of each festival open space is available for download from the following。

70th Snow Festival guide book festival Square (PDF)

※ There is a case to change without prior notice by snowfall。 ※The photograph is an image。

1.Community Hiroba

2.Ippuku Hiroba

Opening stop

15th (Friday) 18:00~21:45
16(Sat) 9:00~21:45
17Day (day) 9:00~15:00
16(Sat) 10:30~20:30
3.Welcome Hiroba
● Echigo Tsumari Cultural Hall, Tokamachi City Central Community Center "Danju wax" before

4.Honcho 1-Chome Najoda no Hiroba


16(Sat) 13:00~19:00
17Day (day) 10:00〜13:00

15Day (gold) 19:00~23:00
                 (15th=snow sculpture light up only)
16(Sat) 10:00~20:00
17Day (day) 10:00~15:00


5.Houshinkai Hiroba
(Chitose-cho 3-Chome)

6.Ekimae Event Hiroba
●Tokamachi Station
(east exit)

16(Sat) 10:00~19:00
17Day (day) 10:00~13:00
16(Sat) 9:30~20:30
17Day (day) 10:00~15:00


7.Fureai Hiroppa Hokuhoku


8.Hakubutsukan Hiroba


16(Sat) 10:00~20:00
17Day (day) 10:00~15:00
16(Sat) 10:00~16:00
17th (Sun) 9:00~15:00
9.Kinare Hiroba
10.. O・MTENASHI Hiroba
17Day (day) 11:00~16:00

16(Sat) 10:00~17:00
17Day (day) 10:00~15:00

11.Nanawa Land
12.Snowland Shinza 4
17Day (day) 10:00~15:00
16(Sat) 10:00~17:00
17Day (day) 10:00~14:00
13.Ooita no Sato Hiroba
●Ooita no Sato Park

14.Nakajo Sasayama Jomon Hiroba
●Sasayama Jomon-kan
16(Sat) 10:00~21:00
17Day (day) 10:00~13:00
16(Sat) 10:00~19:00
17Day (day) 10:00~14:00
15.Tsumari Hiroba

16.Tatenokoshi Hiroba


Tsumari Hiroba Tatenokoshi Hiroba
15Day (gold) 19:00~21:00
16(Sat) 9:00~21:00
17Day (day) 9:00~14:00
15Day (gold) 20:00~24:00
               (15th=snow sculpture light up only)
16(Sat) 9:00~20:00
17Day (day) 09:00~15:00
17.Tamugi Hiroba
18.Sekiasa Hiroba
Sekiasa Hiroba
17Day (day) 9:00~13:00 17Day (day) 10:00~15:00
19.Jon no Bi Hiroba
20.Ishibotoke Hiroba
(In Hachichi)
Jon no Bi Hiroba
17Day (day) 11:00~14:00 16(Sat) 10:00~20:00
21.Yukinko Hiroba
22.Inaka no Hiroba
Yukinko Hiroba Inaka no Hiroba
16(Sat) 10:00~19:00
17Day (day) 10:00~15:00
15th (Friday) 18:00~22:00
17th (Sun) 9:00~14:00
23.Mizusawa Gourmet Hiroba
24.Mizusawa Yuki Matsuri Hiroba
Mizusawa Square Mizusawa Yuki Matsuri Hiroba
17Day (day) 10:00~14:30 16(Sat) 10:00~16:00
17Day (day) 10:00~15:00
25.Miharukai Hiroba
 26.Electrical Association Youth Group / Tohoku Electric Power Hiroba
16(Sat) 9:00~21:00
17Day (day) 9:00~13:00
16(Sat) 9:30~17:00
17Day (day) 9:30~15:00

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