Tokamachi Kimono Queen Contest 2020 Ceremony

On the final day of the Tokamachi Snow Festival, three women will be selected from a group of 12 in the Tokamachi Kimono Queen Contest 2020 to become the Tokamachi Kimono Queens.
Just who will get to wear the garland this year!? If you pay for reserved seating at the event, you too can cast a vote!
This year’s ceremony features a performance by Mongolian morin khuur artist Delgermaa.

Event Summary

Date: February 16th, 2020 (Sunday) 1pm (doors open at 12:30pm)
General Admission: Free (balcony seating; see below for paid reserved seating)
Location: Echigo-Tsumari Culture Hall Danjuro (1 Chomekami-508-2 Honcho, Tokamachi, Niigata)

Tokamachi Kimono Queens

The Tokamachi Kimono Queens are tourism ambassadors.
Since long ago, Tokamachi has been a leader in kimono production and our products are renowned throughout the country.
These women travel throughout the country during their one year appointment to spread knowledge of including but not limited to Tokamachi’s cuisine (soba, rice, etc), beautiful nature spots (rice terraces, beech forests, and more), and onsen spots such as Matsunoyama (one of Japan’s top three medicinal hot springs).


On January 12th, out of 36 names, 12 were chosen to compete in the Tokamachi Kimono Queen Contest 2020.
Just who will get to wear the garland!? Come and find out!!

Tokamachi Kimono Queen Contest 2020 – Candidate List


This year’s ceremony features a performance by Mongolian morin khuur artist Delgermaa.
Time: 2:50pm-3:30pm (time given is an estimate)

Profile of Delgermaa (formerly of the Mongolian National Morin Khuur Symphony Orchestra)
Born in Mongolia. Studied under conductor and director Ts. Batchuluun at the National Music and Dance School. While still in school in 2005 she joined the National Morin Khuur Ensemble as only one of three women and performed all over the world. Recipient of the G. Jamyan Morin Khuur Award. Recipient of award from National Competition of Folk Musicians-2 dedicated to L. Murdorj. Released an album of traditional Mongolian songs and current recordings called “Satsal.” Currently teaches morin khuur in Nagaoka City.
How to Get Reserved Seating

Tickets are on sale for reserved seating, which will allow you to sit closer to the stage during the Tokamachi Kimono Queen Contest. Included with your ticket is a single ballot to vote for the candidate of your choice!

◆Price: 1000yen per seat (approximately 200 seats available on ground level; first-come, first-serve basis and unassigned)
◆ How to apply
Please call or email and give us the following details: name, contact information, and amount of tickets desired.
※ Payment will be taken in cash the day of the event at reception. We will then give you your entry ticket.

<To apply>
Tokamachi Snow Festival Executive Committee
TEL: 025-757-3100      Email:

<Reservation Deadline> February 14th, 2020 (Friday) by 5pm or until tickets are gone

※ In the event of reserved seating still remaining, we will be able to reserve your seat just prior to the event if you visit us at the following times:
◆ February 15th, 2020 (Saturday) from 10am (planned)
Tokamachi Community Center Bunjiro (226-1 Honcho 2chome, Tokamachi, Niigata)
◆ February 16th, 2020 (Sunday) from 10am (planned)
Echigo-Tsumari Culture Hall Danjuro, Kimono Queen Contest Reception (1 Chomekami-508-2 Honcho, Tokamachi, Niigata)




TEL:025-757-3100 FAX:025-757-2285